Decide what your vision will be for your way forward, for our people to be free, and say goodbye to suckers that are draining us from that vision. We have already spent too long on suckers so let's devote the rest of our time and energy on the way forward, and upward.
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Harvest Cleanse

As the waters rise, the ice melts, the earth quakes, fires burn, so it goes in our bodies, families and communities. As we heal, face our trauma, build up our resiliency, come together, create possibility, so does the world.

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Nah, Fuck That

By the time I say these words, usually, alot has happened and I'm not about anything that has to do with forgiveness, listening, logic or much outside of whooping ass, rolling up into a fetal position and crying, both or some other option that includes hurt. 

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Sitting Up In My Womb

Pray that you'll invest
In our happiness
All it takes is just one simple call from you
Turn my heart around
If I'm making ground
Pretty baby please tell me if I'm getting through
Tell me what is up
You see I need to know
Tell if I'm far or if I'm getting close
I actually can discern
And my power works with you
Till I'm with you here's what I'm gonna do

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Yo/Me: Estes es el mismo aeropuerto? (Is this the same airport?)

Mi Tia/My Aunt: Si. (yes)

Yo/Me El que siempre ha estado aqui? (The one that has always been here?)

Mi Tia/My Aunt : An-ha.

Yo/Me: Entonces cuando mami y papi se fueron de este país, se fueron de aquí?

Mi Tia/My Aunt : Si. El mismo.

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Mutant // First Generation By Another Name

The breaking of my skin, the blood — none of this was as wild to me as the surprise of it all. Could this really be happening? I feel like I’m in the middle of one of those sci-fi books I love to read so much. Any second now Octavia Butler, Tupac and one of the ghosts from the House of Spirits are going to appear in this bathroom stall with me, grinning, saying some catch phrase like “Te gatchamos!” I had to figure out how to get out of here, covered in blood, with what feel like 2, 6” bones sticking straight out of my back. Yes, I’m in pain, but I’m more annoyed than anything else.

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