Harvest Cleanse

Harvest and Cleanse. Bring in and out. Life. Death. Cycles. Transitions. It's time. It's past time. 

When I think of events I organize, gatherings I create, my writing - it's me saying here is a piece of fruit that I wanted and needed, have some. So that tells you I needed this Harvest Cleanse. I have been out of integrity with my physical body and the more that I ground and dig and heal and put in the deep, hard, long, great, beautiful spirit and emotional work, the less I was connected to my body. The thing is, I'm still in this body. And when there were opportunities to cleanse that were spiritual, they were rarely political. And if they were about the body and the foods and working out, they still weren't about how systems are violent and create a weight that I already lift on the daily. Certainly they weren't talking about the role of faith in how I carry the burden and bring in the joy. 

So I created what I wanted to see. I want to talk about my addiction to cheese and how it took me too long and many allergic reactions later to know that this addiction was absolutely rooted in my longing and grief for my deceased mother and her nourishment. And how the "allergies" in the form of hives and tears and snot were "clogging me up" and keeping me from connecting to my mother, how she is alive in me and how I needed motherly nourishment I wasn't getting from the meunster. But it tastes So. Damn. Good! And certainly in all of my politics where I know words and systems and violence like racism, capitalism, heteronormative patriarchy, climate devastation, I didn't want to see how that block of cheese was propping up all of these with my people locked up and milking the goats for the fancy cheese in whole foods, and these industries devastating Mother Earth and fueling infiltration of my community. I wanted a space where I, and others, could not just talk about these connections, but do something about them, together. Support eachother through the withdrawal and view the releasing of that cheese as a political, ancestral, spiritual act of resistance. Where we could HARVEST what has been past due to us and CLEANSE to receive the nourishment of it all; we get to have it all. 

I'm offering what I need. As the waters rise, the ice melts, the earth quakes, fires burn, so it goes in our bodies, families and communities. As we heal, face our trauma, build up our resiliency, come together, create possibility, so does the world. 




Heidi LopezComment